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indigo montoya

Tuesday again!

Posted on 2007.09.25 at 08:19
WoW servers down. 

I suppose I should do some housework.... I really should.  But, what do we do first?

Girly prettifying stuff.  Pluck, buff, cream and exfoliate yourself to goodness. Brows, Legs, facial, toes..

Good stuff. (maybe I won't look like a neanderthal tonight, for a change.)

Servers up 11am West Coast time.

I should have things ready by then!

indigo montoya
Posted on 2007.09.09 at 08:59

2 cups whole raw hazelnuts
1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
up to 1/4 cup vegetable or nut oil
1/2 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place hazelnuts in a single layer on a shallow baking pan. Toast until the skins are almost black and the meat is dark brown, about 15 minutes. Stir the nuts halfway through baking so ensure an even color.

Since the skin is bitter, you’ll want to discard them. Wrap the cooled hazelnuts in a clean kitchen towel or paper towl, and rub until most of the skins have come off. Don’t fret if you can’t get off all the skins.

Process nuts in a food processor, scraping down the sides of the bowl occasionally, until they have liquefied, about 5 minutes. At first, you will get coarsely chopped nuts, and then it will turn into a fine meal. After a little while, the nuts will form a ball around the blade, and it will seem like you only have a solid mass. Keep processing. The heat and friction will extract the natural oils, and you will get hazelnut butter!

When the nuts are liquidized, add in the sugar, cocoa and vanilla. Slowly drizzle in enough oil to make a spreadable consistency. Since the mixture is warm, it will be more liquidy now than at room temperature.

Transfer the spread to an airtight container, and store refrigerated for up to 1 month. For best results, stir the Nutella before using.

indigo montoya

How to Relax

Posted on 2007.07.30 at 04:08
Current Location: Soon to be in bed.
How I'm doin: anxiousanxious
What I'm listening to: None.
I figured I'd title this post this, because I need to relax.  I just can't do it at the moment.  Why? Well, if you must know, I have to go and visit my job tomorrow... I haven't been there in about 5 weeks due to injury.

I'm anxious because of this, and can't sleep.  Its most likely an unfounded anxiety, but hell, work in general stresses me out.  Now, I'm home and still stressed to the max.

Usually, when I need to calm down, I double numbers in my head.  If you know me, you'll know that math is not my forte, but oddly enough, I have to devote enough of my  brain power to do this  that I end up calming down.  Its strange, but oddly useful... usually.

I think I've been doing it too much to be effective, where I seem to have memorized too many numbers to make it a mind occupying exercise, because after I get to about 6 or 7 digits, I start getting confused, and it bothers me.

So... In this entry, I'm going to do my doubles here.  Lets see if it helps. 

And, yes, I"m going to cut this, because it has the potential to either  be 1) incorrect after a while, or 2) really really long, or 3) Both.

Squares under here. You've been warned.Collapse )
ok, enough of that... I'm legimately tired now... maybe I'll actually sleep.
Worst part is I gotta be up in 4 hours.   I take that back... I've been doubling for 45 minutes... 3.

I'll take a nap this afternoon, and if I'm working, I'll work... If I'm home, I'll nap then WoW a little more. 


PS... made 60 on WoW.  I did 5 levels in 3 days.  I should get an award.... I can't keep up that pace, but if I did I could get to 70 next week.

indigo montoya

Today... busy day

Posted on 2007.07.27 at 13:13
Today I:

- Went to the Dr's and got cleared to return to work on monday.  I'm not looking forward to it personally, but I'm so broke, even though I'm not at 100% I kinda have to go and take it easy

- Washed all the dishes.  I freakin HATE Dishes.  But, their done.

- Sorted the Laundry.  I would have put in a load, but all the machines are in use.  Plus its too damn hot to run laundry up and down now.

-Washed the Tub.  Well, really, its in a state of  'Marinate in scrubbing bubbles'  I'm also gonna change the shower curtain, as it is, in a single word.. Funky.

To do later (after the sun goes down a bit, as its hot as hell in here.)

--Change Sheets
--Cook Dinner (Ribs, Left over squash over rice and stringbeans)
--Do Laundry.
--Take Shower, again...

Now, though, I"m gonna play world of warcraft for a while.  I found a new good guild.  They rock, and have ventrilo, which if you play WOW endgame, it really helps!

Did I mention I'm rapidly approaching WoW endgame? level 56 hunter!

I'm off to take my well deserved break.


indigo montoya

Time differences.

Posted on 2007.07.24 at 08:44
Ever tend to notice that when you want to play wow, its down for the morning maintenance.


It won't be up till 11 am pst.

PST!!! Gah.

Thats like 5 hours.  Oh well. 

I'll be around... I might just clean the house.

indigo montoya


Posted on 2007.07.24 at 07:17
Current Location: Home
How I'm doin: awakeawake
What I'm listening to: AC rattling

Four young novice nuns were about to take their vows, dressed in their white gowns. They entered the chapel where the Mother Superior was waiting for them for the ceremony to marry them to God. In front of them on the table were the four wedding rings.

Just as the ceremony was about to begin, four Hasidic Jews with their yarmulkes, payis and long beards came in and sat silently in the front row.

Somewhat taken aback, the Mother Superior said to them, "I am honored that you would want to share this experience with us, but do you mind if I ask you why you came?"

"We're from the groom's side."

indigo montoya

Howdy Journal-of-doom!

Posted on 2007.07.21 at 07:21
Just pulled an all nighter.

Finished Harry Potter. 

I cried twice.

And, I won't divulge anything, so friends list, no worries, ok?

I'm hitting the hay, then I'm going to re-read.  Possibly not in 6 hours, alrighty?


indigo montoya


Posted on 2007.06.15 at 19:43
I've got a partial rupture of my plantar fascia.... I'll be in a cam-walker boot for at least a week or two.

This sucks. This boot is an ugly shade of light gray. Gray, like my mood.

I've got to go call the disability insurance company on monday, so at least we can afford to pay the rent. Once I'm back on my feet, I'm going to call the disabilty company and increase the money they'll pay per month... hopefully, it'll all be okay...

I"m going to sit and pay some bills, then, figure out finances.

I think I'm going to have them double my disabilty coverage... 500 a month just aint enough. Thank the gods for the union and the state. Gonna have to figure out how to do that on monday... I guess I'll be calling human resources... I think between all the insurance moneys, it'll come to somewhere around 800-850. hopefully.

This sucks.

indigo montoya

Sugar Free Fudgesicles

Posted on 2007.06.15 at 12:04
Are awesome.

Creamy, heavenly little bits of chocolately goodness on a stick. Is there anything they can't do?

Anywhoo, dear sweet Journal,

All is okay at the moment. I am exhausted, and there is absolutely no reason why.

Why? ok, the foot is still hurting, I think that's still a part of it.
Yeah, I hurt my foot, geez, it must be about three or four weeks ago now... The doctor I originally went to said "I don't like the way this looks. You wanna go to the podiatrist, we have one downstairs now, he can get you an x-ray asap," to which I replied, "What the hey. Might as well deal with it now."
So, I went to the podiatrist who said "I don't like the way this looks." So , we took an x-ray and it was normal, unlike the ugly swelling on the bottom of my foot. So, he ended up padding me up and bandaging me, on the order of, try the cheap solution first.
Well, I got an MRI three days ago, and I'm anxiously waiting for the doctor to call me back and let me know what the results are. I'm really hoping that it's nothing serious, just some minor plantar faciatis. Hopefully. I can't afford to be out of work for a month.
Yes, it would really suck. I think that the discomfort is making it hard for me to get 'good' sleep. Mind you, I have no problem sleeping-- getting to sleep is the last of my worries... its the whole dropping into that deep restful sleep. Apparantly, according to Rich, I was talking in my sleep all night last night! I had a weird dream too. All I'm going to say is that I think I'm watching too much discovery channel, and that I should look into getting in contact with some of my old friends who've moved away.
Okay, Journal, I'm going to get going, I really should get to washing the bathtub, it's super-gross in there... I can't find my good 'Tub-Washing' brush anywhere... It's most likely still in a box somewhere, or buried in the bowels of the closet... We've still got 9 gadzillion boxes still needing to be unpacked...

Oh, and just to let you know... be expecting a party sometime after my birthday, that weekend. I'm on vacation, and am aching to have a shindig. Consider it a housewarming/b-day fiesta.

With love, and eternal gratitude for your unwavering ear,
Your local, Friendly

indigo montoya

Dear Journal,

Posted on 2007.06.05 at 08:07
It's me again.

I'm still here, lurking around, reading what I can. Lately, I've been off my feet--I thought that when I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, it was really nothing.

So-- Turns out I may have ruptured a ligament in my foot, and I'm in something called an unna boot, which is a sort of compression bandage for support, that I'm not allowed to remove until next monday.

Did I mention that I can't even get this thing wet? Gah. Foot powder and a washcloth to the rescue. I'm just hoping that it won't be too hot today (as I watch the thermometer just rise on past eighty today... ok, foot powder, deodorant and a washcloth... I feel gross already.)

On monday, I go back to the podiatrist who works just downstairs from my PMD, and get this darned boot off, and we'll evaluate for an MRI. Hopefully I'll be feeling better, the unna boot is helping me to 'offload' onto the good part of my foot, so although I'm walking in a decidedly gimpy fashion, I can walk more than a few feet without wanting to break into tears... although a nice night at work-- a 12 hour overnight shift-- will test the feesablity of doing this.

The podiatrist offered me to take a few days off, but like the giant mook that I am, I said (and quite truthfully at that) I can't go off work, I have to work to pay my bills...

Is disability really that bad? Honestly, yes, yes it is... I'd have to forbear on my student loans again... and that's gotta be hell on your credit... also, it'd put my paying rent in jeopardy, and I'd never see Rich, as he'd have to do serious overtime so we don't have to eat cat food in the dark (at least its coming into summer and it wouldn't be cold... lets just say in the oppressive heat of a NYC summer.)

Man, my foot aches. I'm really hoping that it's nothing altogether too serious. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks... nowhere really, I was hoping to maybe throw a party the end of the month... a birthday/cocktail/yes, its summer and I have an AC party. Lets see how I'm walking in a week.

Oddly enough, all this bru-ha ha is making me depressed. Then again, I could just be really tired... or, just unhappy that I have to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes, so I can work. Right now, just anything that I can stick my foot into that I can walk in works... only problem? The only thing I can walk in is Crocs... and not the imitations either. So, I'm gonna go broke buying nice shoes. At least I'll be able to walk in them... I own the flip-flops that they sell. They make your feet go 'AAH' and not "AARG!" which, I suppose would only be appropriate if I was a pirate.

Ok, journal... I've got so much to do, and so little time to do it in... After tonight, I'm off for 2 days, so I think I'm going to make the flowers I need tomorrow and start baking the day after. I've got to cook 6 giant yellow cakes for Ed and Deb's wedding, and get them covered in fondant and flowers and royal icing.

All in all, it should be a blast.

With love, and eternal sleeplessness

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