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indigo montoya

Today... busy day

Posted on 2007.07.27 at 13:13
Today I:

- Went to the Dr's and got cleared to return to work on monday.  I'm not looking forward to it personally, but I'm so broke, even though I'm not at 100% I kinda have to go and take it easy

- Washed all the dishes.  I freakin HATE Dishes.  But, their done.

- Sorted the Laundry.  I would have put in a load, but all the machines are in use.  Plus its too damn hot to run laundry up and down now.

-Washed the Tub.  Well, really, its in a state of  'Marinate in scrubbing bubbles'  I'm also gonna change the shower curtain, as it is, in a single word.. Funky.

To do later (after the sun goes down a bit, as its hot as hell in here.)

--Change Sheets
--Cook Dinner (Ribs, Left over squash over rice and stringbeans)
--Do Laundry.
--Take Shower, again...

Now, though, I"m gonna play world of warcraft for a while.  I found a new good guild.  They rock, and have ventrilo, which if you play WOW endgame, it really helps!

Did I mention I'm rapidly approaching WoW endgame? level 56 hunter!

I'm off to take my well deserved break.


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