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indigo montoya

Dear Journal,

Posted on 2007.06.05 at 08:07
It's me again.

I'm still here, lurking around, reading what I can. Lately, I've been off my feet--I thought that when I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, it was really nothing.

So-- Turns out I may have ruptured a ligament in my foot, and I'm in something called an unna boot, which is a sort of compression bandage for support, that I'm not allowed to remove until next monday.

Did I mention that I can't even get this thing wet? Gah. Foot powder and a washcloth to the rescue. I'm just hoping that it won't be too hot today (as I watch the thermometer just rise on past eighty today... ok, foot powder, deodorant and a washcloth... I feel gross already.)

On monday, I go back to the podiatrist who works just downstairs from my PMD, and get this darned boot off, and we'll evaluate for an MRI. Hopefully I'll be feeling better, the unna boot is helping me to 'offload' onto the good part of my foot, so although I'm walking in a decidedly gimpy fashion, I can walk more than a few feet without wanting to break into tears... although a nice night at work-- a 12 hour overnight shift-- will test the feesablity of doing this.

The podiatrist offered me to take a few days off, but like the giant mook that I am, I said (and quite truthfully at that) I can't go off work, I have to work to pay my bills...

Is disability really that bad? Honestly, yes, yes it is... I'd have to forbear on my student loans again... and that's gotta be hell on your credit... also, it'd put my paying rent in jeopardy, and I'd never see Rich, as he'd have to do serious overtime so we don't have to eat cat food in the dark (at least its coming into summer and it wouldn't be cold... lets just say in the oppressive heat of a NYC summer.)

Man, my foot aches. I'm really hoping that it's nothing altogether too serious. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks... nowhere really, I was hoping to maybe throw a party the end of the month... a birthday/cocktail/yes, its summer and I have an AC party. Lets see how I'm walking in a week.

Oddly enough, all this bru-ha ha is making me depressed. Then again, I could just be really tired... or, just unhappy that I have to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes, so I can work. Right now, just anything that I can stick my foot into that I can walk in works... only problem? The only thing I can walk in is Crocs... and not the imitations either. So, I'm gonna go broke buying nice shoes. At least I'll be able to walk in them... I own the flip-flops that they sell. They make your feet go 'AAH' and not "AARG!" which, I suppose would only be appropriate if I was a pirate.

Ok, journal... I've got so much to do, and so little time to do it in... After tonight, I'm off for 2 days, so I think I'm going to make the flowers I need tomorrow and start baking the day after. I've got to cook 6 giant yellow cakes for Ed and Deb's wedding, and get them covered in fondant and flowers and royal icing.

All in all, it should be a blast.

With love, and eternal sleeplessness

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