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The Rantings and Ravings of Cashew

She is the cashew. Goo goo ja goob

28 June 1981
ad&d 2.0, air conditioning, alan alda, alton brown, amethysts, ancient perfumes, angiocaths, athame, avocados, bad old movies, bad poetry, baldies, bath fizzies, beatles, bipolar disorder, blades, blogging, bodices, body modifications, books, breeches, candles, cars, cashews, cats, catsup, cell phones, celtic mythology, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, city of heroes, clothes, coca cola, coffee, colored pencils, computers, cookies, cooking, cool avitars, corn, crafting, crocheting, ctrl alt del, d&d, darth vader, depression, destroy all humans, djembe drum, dogs, dvds, e-mails, faeries, fairys, foamy the squirrel, food sculpture, geriatric care, glassware, good eats, greek mythology, haircuts, hairless skin, harry potter, hawkeye, hot sauce, ice cream, iguanas, illwillpress, insomnia, ipod, iron chef, j.k. rowling, jello, jewelery, ketchup, kittens, klinger, knitting, knives, laptop computers, lego star wars, lip balm, lithium free lifestyle, makeup, maple syrup, massage, men, mmorpgs, monsters, morimoto, movies, mugs, mutts, nail polish, norse mythology, nursing, nuts, old pictures, opals, oreos, paganism, paint, painting, pancakes, photos, pictures, pizza, polymer clay, pugs, puppies, pvp.com, radar, raman soup, ranting, ranting and raving, raving, reading, renaissance wear, robosapian, sci-fi, scrapbooking, scrubs, sewing, sex, shoes, silver, sleep, soap, socks, something positive, spaghetti, star trek, star wars, stitch n' bitch, swords, tacos, tattoo, tribal drumming, underwear, velvet, video games, waistcoats, wicca, wine, wintereenmas, world of warcraft, xbox, yoda